Frequently Asked Questions

When will All Saints Catholic Academy be open?

All Saints Catholic Academy will be open for the 2019-2020 school year.

What parishes will be part of All Saints Catholic Academy?

All Saints Catholic Academy is a collaboration of the following 8 parishes: the Cathedral of St. Peter, St. Anthony,  St. Bernadette, St. Edward, St. James, St. Patrick, Saints Peter and Paul, and St. Stanislaus.

Who will be (or is) in charge of the school if it is being run by 8 parishes?

The school will have an Executive Pastor and a Vice Executive Pastor.  Father Stephen St. Jules (Cathedral of St. Peter) has been elected the Executive Pastor and Father Ken Stachyra (St. Bernadette) has been elected as the Vice Executive Pastor.

Who will be (or is) the school Administrator?

Our new school administrators are Ms. Renee Payne, Head of School and Mr. Jim Burns, Principal.  They will be splitting the administrative tasks so that the school gets off to a smooth start.  Ms. Payne will focus on coordinating with the 8 parishes, enrollment and marketing, and working with the school finances and Mr. Burns will primarily focus on curriculum development and implementation, and giving support to staff and students in the classroom.

When will a teaching staff be selected?

The teaching staff will be selected after we are able to determine the staffing needs of the school.  Since registration is underway, this will be happening soon.

When will students be able to register?

Registration is now open for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please contact the St. James School Office for more information and a tour.  815-962-8515.

What curricular offerings will the school have?

The complete curriculum plan for All Saints Catholic Academy is still being developed, but we can say that we will be using the Project Lead the Way, STEM curriculum as a basis for our STREAM approach.  We are also hoping to include foreign language instruction, more global awareness and service within our programs.