Connecting Students With Their Community, Their Country and the World

Our global approach rooted in the heart of Rockford, Illinois

All Saints Catholic Academy is paving the way for academic learning on a global scale by introducing students to relevant topics. Rockford families have a growing awareness of global social justice and environmental issues. In addition to classroom instruction, your child will learn about the cultures and customs of our eight supporting parishes. Covering the central, west, and south side of Rockford, our parishes celebrate feast days, honor traditions, and model spiritual communities for our students.

A Little Bit About...

Art – In Mrs. Pierce’s classroom, her mission is to create a fun, safe, and inspiring environment for all students to explore all aspects of different mediums and visual art. Her goal is to build their self-confidence as they grow into creative thinkers and lifelong learners.

PreK – The preschool program at ASCA offers a warm, caring Christian environment in which the children get to know each other, learn to play, work together, and make friends. The class curriculum is created with the age of the student in mind - 3 year olds follow a program designed for them while the 4 year olds follow a curriculum for four year olds. The goal of both programs is to develop language, literacy, and math skills, alongside science, social studies, and art lessons and social development. Programs work to progressively prepare children for the next level of school, three year olds preparing for the four year old program and four year olds preparing for kindergarten. Both programs include teaching the Catholic religion through Bible stories and prayer. PreK students attend weekly mass with their fellow All Saints students.

Fourth Grade – Mrs. Hubner is a dedicated teacher with a gift for managing a classroom that is both exciting and challenging. Organized and driven with an innate ability to make students love learning, she uses effective methods of teaching while focusing on the individual needs of each student. Math - Triple-digit multiplication, Long division, Fractions, and Decimals. Literature - Accelerated Reader Program, Novel Based, Book Reports, Closed Reading. Language - Six Traits of Writing. Religion - The Ten Commandments and Beatitudes. Science - STEM, Earth Science, and Physical Science. Social Studies - Illinois and United States Studies. Fourth Grade also spends time in Art, Spanish, P.E., and Technology classes throughout the week.

Middle School Religion and English– Miss Peters: 

Religion: Middle School is a time for students to grow in their faith. Sixth Graders learn more about God as they read the stories of the Old Testament. Exploring the four Gospels enables Seventh Graders to learn more about the life of Jesus. As Eighth Graders, students learn about the Church and the role of the Holy Spirit. Participating in service projects, altar serving, and being prayer leaders gives Middle School students many opportunities to put their faith into action. 

English: Middle School is a time for students to strengthen and practice the foundational skills for writing, speaking, and listening. Students utilize the conventions of writing to produce different forms of writing using the writing process and the six traits of writing. Participating in a variety of activities gives Middle School students many opportunities to put into action speaking and listening skills.  


Extra Resources:

Every student has a path to success in our school. Part of how All Saints teachers work together to ensure this is by connecting students with a variety of opportunities through a team of reading and math specialists. The school works with district 205 as well to bring Title 1 staff into the building throughout the week to help students strengthen their reading and math skills which will set them on a successful path in High School and beyond.

School Counselor

Sean Sullivan is a Licensed Professional Counselor and National Certified Counselor available for assessment and counselling during school hours. Mr. Sullivan helps children with topics including organization, friendships, anxiety, and more. Please contact the office or your child's teacher for more information.

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