All children may attend All Saints!

All Saints Catholic Academy is in the heart of Rockford, IL. Our admissions goal is to make sure a quality, multicultural, faith-based education is accessible, relevant, and affordable to families in and around the Rockford area.

To maintain our commitment to the individual needs of our students we require new families submit an application using the packet available on the Registration Information page or through the school office.

Plan Ahead and Register Early

It can be surprising to new families, especially those of PreK and kindergarteners, that the process of enrolling begins almost before Spring is here! Catholic Schools Week in late January is generally when current families are given enrollment packets for the following Fall.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Open houses are often scheduled in the Spring and private tours are available upon request. In fact, we love to show new families our school in action! If you would like a chance to observe during the school day please call the office to arrange a tour time.
  • Students in our eight supporting parishes are given registration access first. If your family attends Mass at one of these parishes please make sure to note that in the appropriate space on the Family Information page of your registration packet.
  • If your family is new to Illinois or your children are entering certain grades there will be medical, dental, and vision exam certificates required for his or her medical file. Kindergarten is a big year for this type of requirement so scheduling those appointments in the late Spring, early Summer is a good idea. You can find the full list of required documents from the state of Illinois on the front page of our registration packet. Always feel free to call with questions about these forms, too!

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