Our Vision of a Graduate

Our Vision Of A Graduate Of All Saints Catholic Academy

In light of the mission of Catholic Education, we have collaboratively developed this Vision of a Graduate of All Saints Catholic Academy.

A graduate of All Saints Catholic Academy will:

Be a God-centered person of faith who:

  • Develops a relationship with God through faithfulness in daily life, prayerful conversation with God, and knowledge of Scripture.
  • Understands the ethical and moral issues raised by new advances in science, technology, and other disciplines and reconciles those with the Gospel.
  • Demonstrates that not all that is available is acceptable or appropriate.
  • Possesses a sense of responsibility to self, community, and the world while making spiritually healthy choices.
  • Knows the ministries available to serve the Church and others.
  • Lives the themes of Catholic Social Teaching, the works of mercy and Jesus' commandments of love.

Be a creative and reflective learner who:

  • Possesses effective communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • Knows, understands and accepts other cultures.
  • Reads for pleasure and identifies various genres of literature.
  • Can do effective research using multiple media sources.
  • Applies knowledge and thinks analytically and critically in order to solve complex problems.
  • Acquires and applies science and technology skills.
  • Possesses an historical perspective and knowledge of national and world history while conscious of the impact of global economic, political, and ecological issues.
  • Realizes his/ her own academic potential while aspiring to become a life-long learner.
  • Effectively manages their time and commitments.
  • Appreciates the fine arts.

Be a healthy person who:

  • Has knowledge about the health of the mind and body, and about good nutrition, exercise and personal hygiene.
  • Appreciates his/ her own strengths and weaknesses and accepts those of others.
  • Respects his/ her own and others' bodies in light of Gospel values.
  • Understands the effect of poor choices on health and well-being and avoids substance abuse.

Be an emotionally, socially, and personally responsible person who:

  • Cooperates and collaborates with others respectfully in order to resolve problems and conflicts.
  • Adapts to changing conditions and experiences while holding to Gospel values.
  • Is self-motivated and realizes that self-fulfillment is its own reward.
  • Possesses a self-esteem built on self-respect.
  • Interacts with others with the same warmth, joy, and forgiveness as Jesus.
  • Has the ability to set long and short-term goals and strives to identify the means to achieve them.

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