Ms. Renee Payne
Father Stephen St. Jules (Cathedral of St. Peter)
Executive Pastor
Father Ken Stachyra (St. Bernadette)
Vice Executive Pastor

Office Staff: Mrs. Julie Swenson-Hare

Preschool: Mrs. Mary Ann Welch

Kindergarten: Mrs. Mikki Yates

First Grade: Mrs. Mikki Yates

Second Grade: Mrs. Mindy Whalen

Third Grade: Miss Jaqueline Belleque

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Elizabeth Hubner

Fifth Grade: Ms. Kathy O'Rourke

Middle School English and Religion: Miss Angela Peters

Middle School Social Studies and Literature: Mr. Brian McGuire

Middle School Math and Science: TBA

Technology: Mrs. Rose Beaman

Art: Ms. Renee Pierce

Resource: Mrs. Andrea Weightman

Math Resource: Miss Mary Murphy

Maintenance: Mr. Dan Pumilia and Mr. Roberto Enriques